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Ball game

The Mayan ball game is part of one of the most important sacred rituals within this popular culture, which captivates more than one for its wonderful customs, beliefs and contributions to the life of today's man. Within the different narrations that are made in the book of  council or community called the Popol Vuh, it is said that the divine twins give way to creation through a ball game.

It is believed that this ball game symbolizes duality, that is, the

day and night, darkness and light, life and death, since in

one of the most famous representations of the Mayan culture, is

shows the Lords of Toniná imitating the divine twins in the

moment of creation, defeating the Ajawab of Xibalbá, men of the underworld in real history.

One of the most important and curious facts about this mysterious Mayan ball game is the structure of its playing field, since its shape is very similar to that of the letter "I" representing the four cardinal points.

In addition, it is known that offerings to the Gods used to be placed in the corners of this imposing court, so it is believed that the game was a way of thanking the creators for the clarity given to the world that was in complete darkness, giving step to creation

And as in ball games, in any sport today, there was a scoreboard that kept track of the team scores. In fact, one of these markers was found in the state of Chiapas and is currently on display at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico.

According to the Popol Vuh or community book, the players' outfits or uniforms consisted of a round shield that stopped the ball, a shovel that they placed on one of their arms to bounce the ball off the ground, a crown that they wore each one and finally a piece that protected the forehead and nose. It is also known that this game was not exclusive to a single region, so depending on it there would be a variation in the uniform of the players.

Although it has come to be believed that it was only played with the hips, the game as such consisted of going through with the ball (representing the sun) a hoop (representing the moon) placed on the walls of the court, at that time already it was known who was the winner of the match. But beyond a simple marker, it is known that this practice had its mythological and astronomical meaning.

The Mayan ball game bears many similarities with current sports, with the big difference that human sacrifice could be included. In addition to this, even today there are doubts about the fate of the winners and losers of the game, since experts have conflicting positions on the matter, but without a doubt, this only increases our fascination a little more to discover a new mystery of the Mayan culture.

Ball game
mayan ball game
Chichen Itza Ball Game
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